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How To Pick Up Women: The “Obsession Method” & More…

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man and woman in nightclubIf you want to pick up a woman, you have to remember that while she obviously has free will to say yes or no to you, she is also somewhat incapable of going against what we will refer to as her biological “programming”. This programming is what tells her which guys she should go out with, and it’s based on millions of years of evolution, so it’s pretty strong stuff.

So while it may look like women are more complex and individual than males, thats not necessarily the case. All women respond to the same biological and psychological triggers. It’s all about how you approach her and how you use certain actions and gestures to attract her attention.

The first thing to do is to make her feel special. If you’re nervous, it will come across as if you’re trying too hard, and she’ll likely end the conversation on a sour note. When you are feeling nervous on the inside, just try to remember to remain calm on the outside, and be sure to treat her with respect and a smile. The more you respect her, the more she’ll be interested in you. Besides, you’ll be much more attractive to a girl if you show her you’re interested in her.

If you’re going to pick up a girl, be confident and genuine. Everybody always says “be yourself and don’t worry if she rejects you”, and this is actually good advice. Rejection will happen. It’s ok, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. So, don’t stress out about it as that can interfere with making a good impression. You’ve got to think positive and know in your heart that soon or later you’ll end up with a woman you can spend the rest of your life with!

What Is The Obsession Method?

The Obsession Method is a program created by a dating coach named Kate Spring, that shows you how to attract women and even get them obsessed over you simply by speaking to them in a special “encrypted language” that speaks to her biological programming like we discussed above. You can read all about The Obsession Method here.

While there are certainly many effective ways to pick up a woman that don’t involve the Obsession Method, it is certainly worthwhile to have this method up your sleeve. Furthermore all of the additional tips I’m sharing with you in this post can be related to this method as it is rather all encompassing. I’d even go so far as to say that all good dating advice for men has elements of this method within them.

Manage Your Demeanor

When picking up a woman, you should aim to be somewhere between having a serious demeanor and a completely unserious one, so that you seem fun and chill, but not like a complete goofball. Do not be shy, and don’t overdo it. It’s important to make a good impression, and it will make her feel good too. You can also give her a compliment or two. This will make her feel better about herself.

Make Her Feel Special

It’s also important to try to make her feel special by doing things like dressing smartly and showing your genuine interest. This bit is covered extensively in Kate’s Obsession Method – it’s very important for you to make her feel comfortable and confident in your presence. So if you want to pick up a woman, make her feel comfortable with you.

Give Her Your Full Attention

During the conversation, you should not talk about anything else. The focus should be on the girl’s appearance and her personality. If you tell he that she looks good, she will notice it. If she’s nervous, she might reject you, so don’t make her feel uncomfortable, as this will make her want to pick someone else to spend her time with.

Don’t be afraid to ignore other people, including her friends. This will give her the impression that you’re only interested in her, and not any other women that are in the area. She might have a lot of friends that have similar interests, and want to interject themselves into your conversation, so don’t be afraid to ignore them, just don’t be rude about it. While you are talking with a woman, you should never interrupt her. It will make her feel uncomfortable, and it might even turn her off.

Following these tips you will make a woman feel very comfortable in your presence and greatly increase the likelihood that you will be able to seal the deal!