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The Curious Case Of Erectile Dysfunction

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couple with edListen guys, erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as ED or impotence is a very serious problem for a lot of us. This is especially true as we get older.

This is a problem shared by millions of men in the US alone, probably a half a billion or so worldwide by my calculations… But shockingly, many guys who are suffering with ED are oblivious to the fact that they actually can receive treatment for this condition.

I won’t get too deep into the science of ED, but we all know the symptoms, which is really just one symptom. It occurs when you have difficulties achieving or sustaining an erection during sexual intercourse.

Common causes are mainly stress, fatigue, personal issues or drug and alcohol consumption. Long-term cases of impotence, however, are sometimes due to heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

You may be surprised when you consider some of the statistics on erectile dysfunction. Listen to this: “At the age of 40, more than 40% of men have encountered cases of their member not performing as well as it used to!”

Whoa that is a lot of guys struggling in this area…

With the growing cases of erectile dysfunction, a number of pharmaceutical medications, pumps and surgical procedures have been concocted to help with this problem; however, most men still prefer natural remedies.

While doctors recommend medication to treat erectile dysfunction, especially for older men; however, these come with multiple side effects such as nasal congestion, upset stomachs and headaches, as well as, reliance on these drugs for sexual intercourse. A lifestyle change is the best option. A standard exercise routine and proper diet can lead to stronger blood flow to the penis. Healthy lifestyle practices such as halting tobacco use and curbing alcohol consumption can lead to more sustained erections.

So what’s the deal with penis pumps?

A “penis pump” is a common tool that is used to improve the one’s chances of obtaining and maintaining an erection. Usually it’s some sort of cylinder with a pump, and when the tool is applied to the penis, it promotes blood flow by pumping air out the cylinder.

A safer route might be to take would be to ingest herbal supplements such as gingko biloba, yohimbe and saw palmetto. Most of these are packaged as tea such as Rhino Tea, commonly found in drug stores. If one is already taking medication to treat erectile dysfunction, one must consult a doctor before taking herbal supplements as the effects of the two together may jeopardize one’s health.

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