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For Help Getting a First Date Try Vin DiCarlo

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couple-on-beach-bwA lot of men feel sad because they have not been out on a date with a woman for many years, or ever. This is truly sad. To tell you the truth, this was my life a few years ago, very lonesome indeed. Luckily though, I found there are many men online who have come together to share tips and ideas on how impress a lady. Thank gosh for the internet. Anyways, the best guy I have found teaching dating skills is a very good chap named Vin DiCarlo creator of the Pandora’s Box, check him out if you have got the time.

Listen, scoring a date takes effort and practice. If you can’t even get the courage to ask the pretty girl you met out, your batting average will always be zero percent. Get yourself in the game, the worst she could do, aside from crush your ego, is say no.

That all being said, here are my top tips for getting a date:

TIP #1 Get Her Attention

The first step is grabbing a woman’s attention. You do not want to be just like any other guy using the same stupid cheese-ball lines. You want to stand out as a sexy man, so always avoid using any cheesy pick-up lines that you may have heard. Also be 100% ┬ásincere with your approach. Getting her to laugh will help you get a date and a phone number. Self-deprecating humor is always an attention grabber, pull out your funniest accent or best joke to get her to laugh. Aside from telling a joke, you can compliment her about a specific detail on her outfit or her appearance. If she has a tattoo ask her about it or mention something you like about it; this will catch her attention.

TIP #2 Bring Your A-Game

It also helps that you don’t look like you haven’t showered for a couple of days. Putting on a nice sport jacket, dark jeans, and a pair of boat shoes will help improve your swag levels. Have you ever noticed that the women you want to date probably always look fresh, clean and well dressed? That’s no accident. Women know that they need to put in the time and effort to look presentable, and do so by staying up to date with their grooming, and so forth. I mean seriously, do you have any idea the amount of money that your typical 30 year old woman spend on getting her hair and nails done? It is insane. That’s why you need to do your part too, and at a minimum brush your teeth and hair and put on an outfit that you didn’t pull out of the dirty clothes hamper!

TIP #3 Be Calm, Not Pushy Or Weird

When it comes to actually setting up your first date with a woman, it is important to remember to maintain a calm and happy demeanor. During your conversation with her she will be getting a sense of what you are all about and deciding if she is interested or not. Women don’t want to make the mistake of making plans to meet up with a guy who turns out to be unstable, aggressive or have any of that kind of personality traits that could make her uncomfortable. So during your chat just remain chill, ask her some questions about herself, and as i said above try to use humor to your advantage assuming you have a half way decent sense of humor.

Pushiness as you can imagine is a huge turnoff, so if she is unsure about giving you her number or shows hesitation about meeting up for a date, make sure to keep things light. After all, you don’t want her to think that you are some kind of freak, who is going to get upset if she acts in a way that is not to your liking. If she declines your invite, that’s fine, you can’t win them all. And if you act like it is no big deal and tell her that it was nice to meet her then you may be surprised when you are walking away and she runs after you saying that she changed her mind and would like to see you again!

Of course there’s more to getting a date than what I’ve said here, but try this stuff out for starters and then try out some other stuff like Vin DiCarlo’s material later on.